Why should you have 10-Rules?

Training your employees with 10-Rules helps your company in three important ways:

  1. First - your employees will understand the most important areas of computer and information ethics; and how they should act. 10-Rules offers best practices in the areas of computer and information privacy, security, IP, social engineering, email netiquette, and more.

  2. Second - your company will be protected against costly fines, penalties and bad press. After training, should any of your employees nevertheless commit an infraction, then you will be protected under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. (Contact us for details.)

  3. Third - consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of their personal and private information that they give to companies. They will value your company more by knowing that you have trained your employees on the proper care of their data.

Being unaware of the laws does not protect you or your company.

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What are the benefits of having 10-Rules?

Empower Employees

10-Rules will train your employees on the best-practices for dealing with computers and information technologies.

Reduce Risks

By training your employees on these important issues, you will reduce your company's exposure to I.C.E. risks and liabilities.

Reduce Penalties

By having 10-Rules in place, your penalites can be reduce by up to 95%, should any of your employees transgress.

Get Compliant

10-Rules will help your company comply with the latest Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Avoid Bad Press

Should there be a problem, you can avoid bad press by demonstration that your company was proactive.

Satisfy Customers

Existing and new customers will appreciate that your company has trained its employees in I.C.E.