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Yes, get 10-Rules free for your company by helping to underwrite our national 10-Rules for High School Students Program.

As students enter the workforce, it’s hard to imagine that they will not use computers and information technologies. However, technical skills are not enough. 10-Rules helps students understand the most important issues that arise with the use of computers and computer-based technologies; especially, the risks and vulnerabilities they can create when working with computers.

10-Rules helps students use computers and information technologies wisely. Upon completing the program, students will be awarded an I.C.E. Certificate (Information and Computer Ethics). And when these students seek a job with your company, they will help to reduce your company's exposure to the risks/liabilites, fines/penalties, and bad press that can arise from the inappropriate use of computing technologies.

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Some Topics Covered by 10-Rules...

Software Piracy

What constitutes Direct and Indirect Software Piracy and how to avoid it.

Intellectual Property

How to recognize IP and how to use it properly.

eMail & Internet

How to use email and the Internet appropriately in business.

Computer Injuries

How to avoid the most common computer-related injuries.

Protecting Data

How to keep client information private and secure.


How to see potential computer-related problems before they arise.