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What is 10-Rules for Working in the Information Age:   Whether your company or organization is large or small, if you use computers to keep data on customers, clients or patients; then 10-Rules for Working in the Information Age will help you reduce risks and liabilities, as well as increase market share. 10-Rules teaches your employees basic concepts in the areas of: Computer Security, Information Privacy, Software Piracy, Social Engineering, Hacking, Netiquette and more.

10-Rules will help to prevent problems from emerging; but if they do, then 10-Rules will help to reduce your fines and penalties by up to 95%, in keeping with the latest Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

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What is I.C.E. Certification:   Upon successfull completion of the 10-Rules training program, your company will receive I.C.E. Certification. When consumers, clients or patients see your I.C.E. Certification and I.C.E. Logo displayed in your office and on your website, they will know that your company has taken extra steps in securing their private information.

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